RedHat OpenShift Industry Use Case

Features and benefits

  • Manage with simplicity. In the cloud or anywhere : Red Hat OpenShift offers automated installation, upgrades, and lifecycle management throughout the container stack — the operating system, Kubernetes and cluster services, and applications — on any cloud.
  • Build fast, Ship first, Deploy everywhere : Red Hat OpenShift helps teams build with speed, agility, confidence, and choice. Code in production mode anywhere you choose to build. Get back to doing work that matters.
  • Build with Kubernetes, Trust with Red Hat : Red Hat OpenShift is focused on security at every level of the container stack and throughout the application lifecycle. It includes long-term, enterprise support from one of the leading Kubernetes contributors and open source software companies.


  • REST API, which expose each of the core objects.
  • Controllers, which read those APIs, apply changes to other objects, and report status or write back to the object.

Use Cases

Turkish financial company delivers services 95% faster with Red Hat OpenShift


  • Reduced operating costs by 23% with optimized management and resource use
  • Cut environment build times by 95%, accelerating time to market
  • Extended platform reliability to container environment
  • Created foundation for future cloud adoption

Achieving cost and performance improvements with containers

  • Reduced OpEx by 23% : AvivaSA has used the self-healing and auto-scaling capabilities built into the latest version of Red Hat OpenShift to help reduce its operational expenses (OpEx) by 23% by reducing manual work time for maintenance and other routine tasks. For example, SabancıDX’s team no longer needs to spend time monitoring and adjusting the production environment to meet service-level agreements (SLAs) that ensure service availability for customers.
  • Cut environment build times by more than 95% : “Red Hat OpenShift lets us quickly set up a new environment or easily make changes to the applications running in production, with minimal disruption to our service availability,” said Aydınyüz.
  • Achieved high reliability for container environment : Dynamic management built into Red Hat OpenShift helps AvivaSA extend the reliability of its existing Red Hat architecture to its new, container-based environment. This reliability has helped AvivaSA extend its partnership with Akbank, which now operates some financial applications on Red Hat OpenShift on AvivaSA’s behalf.
  • Created foundation for future cloud adoption : Migrating critical core applications to Red Hat OpenShift on premise has helped AvivaSA be prepared if the Turkish government allows the use of cloud computing environments in the future. “As a Kubernetes platform, Red Hat OpenShift ensures we are ready for public cloud when Turkish regulations allow,” said Aydınyüz. “It will make it very easy for us to move to a public or hybrid cloud environment.”



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